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NetScream, an internet connection speed optimization program, features a simple interface bringing the difficult task of speeding up your internet experience down to a simple button click. Manage all of the finite changes that must be made to the registry and system files in a simple and intuitive way.


With all settings adjusted automatically and based on modem and computer specifications, changing the system files and registry becomes fool proof and easy for just about anyone. It is compatible with all modems, whether dial-up, DSL, ADSL, ISDN, Cable, or Satellite.

Main Function

NetScream speeds up all of your internet activities: browsing, downloading video content, watching a YouTube video, or streaming music. It also boosts your uploading speeds. In today's age of the gamer, NetScream is the perfect fit for those looking to enhance their game playing experience by boosting their speeds.

Extra Features

NetScream boasts excellent technical support, and allows you to try out the program on a trial basis before committing to buy. In looking over other software claiming to do the same, this program is said to be the most reliable and the best in terms of actually making your computer perform faster.


With the free trial offer, you can't go wrong giving it a try. If you do decide to purchase the full version for 14.99, the price is comparable to similar optimization programs. The program itself appears to work better than similar programs, which therefore makes this an excellent value for the money.

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Reviewed by Michael Murphy
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